JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer is another stuff that will make your home theater the ultimate entertainment center for your family –trust me, it works if you have little or teenage kids at home. Have you got any idea that even getting a little entertainment is a little bit difficult these days? Why? Well, it’s simply because people have to pay to get it, and besides, there’re too many entertainment to choose –believe it or not, it sometimes stresses you out to choose the best and most suitable one. Nevertheless, I believe that you’d agree if movies and music are the most preferable entertainment for you and your whole family. And to make it an ultimate entertainment, I recommend you to get a subwoofer as JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer in your home theater or music studio.

Technical Information of JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer

Actually, JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer is only one of the so-many subwoofer models out there. Yet this one is preferable for some reasons: its features, physical features, and overall product quality. I’ll share anything I know about this subwoofer, and it will probably help you to decide whether to buy it or not. JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer is a subwoofer from JBL that is colored in complete black casing. The height of this audio system is 1.64 inches, with the driver configuration of 1×12 inches PolyPlas Woofer. This is quite a common thing you can find in any subwoofer model. The frequency response of this subwoofer is 25Hz to 150Hz and paper speaker driver material.

Bass Sound Quality from JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer

JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer

Ok I think I missed one more thing you’ve to consider when shopping for a subwoofer: its sound quality. Whether you plan to purchase JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer or not, this is something that you mustn’t miss. This subwoofer does have deeper bass –I read in a review site that this ES subwoofer series is equipped with JBL computer-optimized bass-reflex port. This technology extends the deep bass response, while it also eliminates any unwanted turbulence. So yea, I think if you always have a movie night with your family on Friday or Saturday night, JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer will bring you such real audio quality.

Other Features of JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer

There are actually more things you can enjoy from JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer –here are some of them. This subwoofer is basically lessening distortion, which will make it has less noise and signal loss. Ideally, the pat from input through components to transducers is a straight line; yet, this subwoofer and basically all ES series speakers have the shortest path. Besides bass sound quality and noise reduction, JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer will also deliver any sound or anything that you might miss when using other subwoofers or speakers. With the aforementioned benefit, you won’t be disappointed when watching HD-DVD or Blu-ray disc movies.

Reviews from Customers –and My Personal Opinion

The frequency response of JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer is 25Hz to 150Hz, pretty much similar to other subwoofer models. The amplifier RMS power, anyway, is 400 watts and the amplifier peak dynamic power of around 700 watts. So yes, basically there are more things you need to know about this product, but now you’ve to know that this product receive mostly positive reviews from customers that made it earned four-star rating. Regardless of some flaws it come with, I’d still think that the best choice is JBL ES250PBK Subwoofer.