If you would like to purchase a great quality subwoofer for your boat, you should know, that it not only adds extra bass, but it will make your other speakers sound better as well. They are dedicated to deliver powerful and yet accurate bass response that rivals the sound performance of many professional car stereos.

In a marine environment, such extra qualities are needed, like water resistance, thus purchasing the best subwoofer designed for boats is essential. If they are marine-grade subwoofers, then they are well-protected from both saltwater and freshwater environments as well as extreme UV exposure. It is quite important to guard against all these potential dangers so that it can be a long-lived product.

In order to have the best boat subwoofer, you should first take into account the quality of the sound reproduction, as well as such key aspects like power rating, installation and impedance. In the followings, some of the key features are reviewed and as well as the best available subwoofers for boats.

BOSS Audio Systems CXX10

BOSS Audio Systems CXX10

BOSS Audio Systems CXX10 is a 10” subwoofer, which has a metallic black finish, so it can be a stylish accessory of your car interior. It is capable of 800W power and 36Hz resonant frequency. Its cone is made of polypropylene (PP), which is a resilient and durable manufactured material allowing the maximum, thanks to which there great sounding speakers will last a long time. It has single 4-ohm voice coil, which is a standard of almost all high performing subwoofers available in the market. These voice coils are remarkable for their low density and ability to resist corrosion and they can also perform under stress in both high tension and high compression environments.

BOSS Audio Systems CX122

BOSS Audio Systems CX122 is made of polyurethane, which is an extremely durable manufactured material, and which can be hard like fiberglass and bouncy like rubber. This 12” subwoofer can handle 1400W peak power and 700W RMS power. It has a has deep hard hitting very good sounding bass, which can be well heard from a distance. This product is also equipped with a 2″ voice coil as well as a 30 oz magnet structure. Thanks to its structure and features, it is greatly recommended for a nice bass experience. In addition, it had the advantage of a low-price tag, which makes it even a better buy.



PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 has 300W RMS power and 1200W peak power. This 25 cm diameter subwoofer has a 10” size and it is greatly suitable for shallow-mounted usage. Pioneer’s patented IMPP composite cone delivers reliable performance up to 1200W. This subwoofer is only 7.8 cm deep, which is less than half a typical subwoofer in this class. Its highly rigid cone was made with MICA injected moulded resin which creates a rigid and durable cone thereby it is able to produce accurate bass. Overall, this product generates a bass never heard before on its oversized funnel.

Rockville MS12LW

Rockville MS12LW is a 12” subwoofer, which was made expressly for boat usage. It can typically handle an impressive amount of 2800W peak power and 1400W RMS power. This subwoofer is also CEA-2031 compliant, which means that its technical data are well proven. This product has a basket engineered from a special ABS plastic that is extremely difficult to bend or break. It was also designed to be waterproof. During its production, the company only used true marine grade components and materials, thus this subwoofer is very well suited to salt and freshwater conditions. In addition, they are UV protected and have a special waterproof coating to any prevent water damage. One of its unique features, that this product is a free air subwoofer, which does not require any enclosure. Generally, we can say that this subwoofer is one of the most powerful marine subwoofers on the market.

Skar Audio VD-8 D4

Skar is a well-known, but quite new US based audio company. Skar Audio VD-8 D4 is an 8” shallow mount subwoofer. It was primarily designed to provide great sound and handle ample amounts of power. This product utilizes a high temperature 2-inch voice coil and a powerful yet low profile single-stack ferrite magnet. It can handle 600W peak power and 400W RMS power. It also has a dual 4-ohm voice coil. This subwoofer’s cone was made of high-performance pressed paper stitched to premium foam surround. Whether you need an ultra-powerful driver for an SPL build or a subwoofer that you can put in a small place within your boat, this product can be the solution for you. The product can generate the frequency of 68.0 Hz, which represents a peaceful range, meaning that you can enjoy your favourite song with good bass and clear sound.


Whatever your budget is, you can get your perfect boat subwoofer from the above-mentioned product range. As all of them are quality speakers, they have many stunning features. They all produce accurate bass and they all represent a great option for listening to music on your boat. The reviewed subwoofers can double the joy of your boat journey because music works like a life force when you are travelling on a boat with your friends and family.